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ICh. BARNIE Sweape
Breeding female, code: 455 ALZ 65BO
She has been transferred to the category Former mothers of the Czech breed
DKK: 1/1 (B); DLK: 0/0 (A); PRA-PRCD: N/P (B); EU: A, gonio neg.
BOV-2x, BOB-7x, BOS-2x, CACIB-8x, Res.CACIB-2x, NV, CAC-11x, Res.CAC-3x
Interchampion, Czech Champion, Hungarian Champion, Czech Veteran Champion

Meet Barnie

My name is Barnie Sweape. I am a typical Entlebucher Cattle Dog: I am lively (some call me the perpetuum mobile :-)), self-confident and intrepid. I really like my human pack and all of our activities together. I am a good guard dog. If I think that my masters are in some danger, that something unusual is going, I can be pretty noisy. I am "laughing" all the time; I like to learn and I learn quickly. I play treibball and I am excellent in this sport. I am the triple Czech Chamion in the highest class 3. I have good results in classical cynology and at exhibitions, too. I am the mother of 6 puppies.
The black part of my hair is shiny; I still have a snow-white breast and paws... and also the tip of my tail, constantly moving and tempting small people to try to catch it, which I patiently tolerate. I am not angry with children for what they sometimes do to me, because they, like me, want to play and come up with various silly and foolish things. I also like to play with other dogs, which I get on well with. I do not attack, but if they dare too much, I can put them in their place.

How Time Went By ...

I was born in the breeding kennel Sweape on 3 March 2010. My mum’s name is Elinka Essi and my dad’s is Frankie vom Wegbach. On that same day, my mum also bore my two sisters and one brother. So that they could tell us apart, they tied a yellow lace around my neck. Before I got a proper name, they called me Yellow Lace. For two months, we enjoyed the care of our mum as well as her masters.

When we grew up a little, all kinds of new people appeared. They examined my sisters, my brother and me, played with us and petted us. My new masters picked me, because they found me the most charming although they saw that the pattern on my muzzle was asymmetrical and one of my ‘socks’ was a little too high up. My new master said that I had stepped too deep in white paint and thought that I would lose points for that at exhibitions, but I pleasantly surprised him.

On 1 May, my new masters took me home. They had prepared a new bed for me, but I liked falling asleep at the door, from where I could see well what was going on both at home and outside, and when I began to miss snuggling with my mum and my siblings, my new masters would hold me in their arms.

What I liked best about my new home though was the large fragrant garden with the soft green carpet which is nice to lie and run on. The garden has a lot of interesting places to explore; birds and sometimes the neighbours’ cats fly and run around there.

We gradually began to get visits from other people including children, who we then did not have at home yet, in order for me to be properly socialised. I liked socialising a lot and did not have a slightest problem with that. It was clear from the beginning that I would be a social dog.

I grew like a weed; suddenly, I barely fit in my masters’ arms, my coat was different; more than like a small round puppy, I began to look like an adult dog (mainly my mum Elinka), and I began to guard.

When I was half a year old, my masters took me to the training grounds for the first time. We just went to see them, but we immediately took part in the training. I was doing well from the very beginning and after half a year I passed the first exam (basic obedience exam) with excellent results (I got 98 points out of the possible 100). They recommended that we continue taking exams, but my master will first have to find more time for tracking and other things.

The exam was soon followed by my first exhibition. Neither I nor my master knew what exactly to do. In the strong group, I ended fourth best and was given my first (this time still ‘potato’) medal and excellent evaluation. I already won my category at the autumn club exhibition, which inspired my masters to enrol me for other exhibitions as well. I won most of them not only in my category but also among all Entlebuchers, so I tried the exhibition of all the breeds of the FCI II group a couple of times. Once, I managed to place third even there. During the relatively short time, I got enough CAC awards (including international competitions) to be awarded the ‘Czech Champion’ title.

When I was two years old, my masters took me to a pre-breeding exam so that I could have puppies. I was standing in front of the committee and they would measure and evaluate me for a long time. It went very well. They told me that I was a pretty girl and could look for a mate. I have already found one and if all goes fine, I will have my own puppies at the beginning of February. It was not so long ago that I thought that I already had one puppy, but it turned out to be a tiny master.

First I watched with great interest the large balloon which one of the younger members of our pack carried under her jacket but which she never wanted to play fetch with. Then I did not see her for some time. She came back without the balloon but brought a funny baby. For a long time, it was slow and clumsy but could do interesting things – for example open a forbidden drawer with my toys. So we shook paws on our little conspiracy and became friends. As long as it walked on all four like I did, I thought it was a dog friend. Now I already know that it is a miniature master, who can pull the rope and play chase with me and unlike the grown-up masters does not get tired of playing chase so quickly.

At the first Czech meeting of Entlebucher Cattle Dogs, I met a lot of other Entlebuchers. I had never seen so many of them together before. It was a great opportunity to show one’s abilities in entertaining competitions, in short a nice event full of physical activity and fun. I am already looking forward to it again next year.

At the autumn international exhibition in České Budějovice, I won a number of awards, but the most important according to my masters was the CAC from an international exhibition, which was the only one missing in my collection for me to obtain the ‘Czech Champion’ title. At the exhibition, I met my half-sister Kempi (we have the same mum). Kempi is younger and we are so similar that the judge thought that we were a mother and a daughter. The autumn and the end of the year were full of significant events. My tiny master is already much taller than me, but we have a new tiny girl, so I have another baby to watch and a new friend.

At the end of November and the beginning of December, my masters and I took a few trips to South Bohemia to see Buschi (Auksis Interpola). The mating was successful; before Christmas, an ultrasound scanned confirmed that I was pregnant. I had to rest more now, which I did not like at all. On 28th January I bore 6 puppies – 3 males and 3 females (Litter A).

I was an exemplary mother. I had enough milk and the puppies grew quickly. We gradually began to get visits including children playing and cuddling with the puppies and also with me. Also the father of my puppies came to see his children. After completing two months the puppies left with their new masters. But one of my daughters (Aisha) stayed at home and thus I did not feel so sad for my puppies.

Aisha is growing rapidly and is becoming a better partner for various games. Sometimes she is very rude and I have to moralise her.

In early June I spent a very pleasant week on holiday in South Bohemia together with my masters and my daughter Aisha. We visited several picturesque South Bohemian towns. We stayed in a cottage camp near the pond. We visited Buschi, the father of my puppies, who lives in South Bohemia. The small masters Kuba and Eliska spent some time in our house. Kuba has grown up and he likes to go for walks with us.

In mid-June, we went on holiday to Slovenia. We combined this holiday with the DUO CACIB Bled 2013 Exhibition. We visited Bled and Julian Alps. The international Exhibition DUO CACIB Bled 2013 was held nearby the Lake Bled. This was my first Exhibition soon after having the puppies and my masters were curious as to how the judges will evaluate me. I was quite successful: 2x CACIB and BOB.

The Summer holiday was wonderful. The small masters Kuba a Eliska spent several weeks in our house. We played and walked together. I like to have small children in our house not only because of fun, but also because they often have some food and they are always ready to feed myself and Aisha. Many different people visited our house during the Summer holiday and we went for many interesting trips. It was great to see my puppy Alex after five months. He is taller and heavier than myself, bur I am still faster. We spent a couple of days with friends living at the pond. I enjoyed swimming very much.

Autumn was great, because we went for many different trips. In early September we went to the second meeting of Entlebuch Cattle Dogs to Zlenice, which was a success even more than the first time meeting last year. In the second half of September Club Show in Zárybničná Lhota associated with the young dogs gathering took place. Aila and Aisha – two puppies from my first litter – came to the gathering (other puppies living in North Moravia, will hopefully attend the spring gathering in Rožnov). Both girls received very nice reviews. In October we went abroad for two international exhibitions: to Hungary - Komárom and Slovakia - Bratislava. I have met the conditions for assigning the title of the Interchampion, and, besides of being the Czech Campion, I have become also the Hungarian Champion. We combined the Slovak exhibition in Bratislava with examination of the ureters in Vienna - I have the best possible result EU: A. Aisha has grown almost to my size and she has become an equal partner for various games. Being two is much better than when I was alone, so I'm happy that Aisha has stayed at home.

My story will continue together with the story of my daughter Aisha at the page Our Females.

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