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Treibball Race in Pesopark VII, 15. 5. 2022

Preparations for this year's treibball race took place calmly. Unlike the previous race, there was no threat of cancellation due to the covid or the weather, and foreign participants could come to us this time without any problems. The Bauer company made beautiful trophies designed for our races. Due to the long drought, the construction of the playing field was very demanding. The spikes of the screens could not be driven into the dry and hardened clay, and every hole had to be drilled. Many thanks and admiration to the builders of the playing field, in the heat it was not an easy task

Of the 38 applied teams, 33 teams took part in the race - 29 Czech and 4 German ones. In the Small category there are traditionally few dogs in the races, but in the Large category there was a strong competition of excellent teams in all classes and any of them could win, so the race was exciting. The list of the breeds was very diverse not only on the playing field, but also on the podium and the variety of breeds confirmed that in our country treibball was far from just the domain of border collies. Large category: Australian Kelpie, Australian Shepherd, Belgian Shepherd Malinois, Border Collie, Entlebuch Mountain Dog, Dutch Shepherd, Chod Dog, Middle Black Schnauzer, German Shepherd, Portuguese Water Dog and two crossbreeds. Category small: Jack Russel Terrier and Small Black and Silver Schnauzer. The weather was very warm, so the participants welcomed the neighbourhood of the pond, where the dogs could cool down.

We saw nice performances in all classes. Several complete novices took part in the race, and it was great that they could see the performances of top teams, including foreign ones. The complete results of the race show that there was a big fight in both runs in all classes and the time differences were sometimes very tight. Barnie won in the TRB 2 L class and Aisha in the top TRB 3 L class. Barnie showed a balanced performance in both runs and at the age of twelve she won over much bigger, younger, and of course faster dogs who made more mistakes. Aisha made a mistake in the SMART run, but she corrected it and deservedly won. Not only Barnie and Aisha made us happy, but also the teams that train with us in Pesopark and added three more first and two second places. Our newcomers also did very well. It was their first start and in the beginners' class they competed with much more experienced teams, but they all fulfilled the prescribed tasks, no one was disqualified, and some even placed very nicely. Teams from Pesopark won at home in almost all race classes, proving that the local treibball is of a high standard. It is important that in addition to the experienced teams in the race classes, completely new teams also presented themselves in the beginners' races.

Thanks for the smooth running of the races to all the treibball players from Pesopark who helped us the day before the race with the preparation of the playing field in difficult conditions, those (not only from Pesopark, but also from Moravia) who helped us throughout the day of the race. The races took place under the umbrella of the Czech Treibball Club. The sponsors AKINU, Pučálka and Wine of Italy provided nice prizes, we got the Bauer trophies at a discount. We thank Jarka Chlumská for the opportunity to organize the race in the beautiful training grounds of Pesopark. We thank Petra Jirošová for the immediate processing of all results and coordination of the work of young skilled assistants, who, in addition to the service in Pesobar, provided everything needed in the background throughout the day. We thank Pavel Hejč for perfect sound and Anna Bradáčová for nice photos.
Photo:   Anna Bradáčová, Milan Stoklasa
Video:   Milan Stoklasa
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